Sunday, March 18, 2012

The New IPAD

There is no doubt Apple revolutionized the tablet. In fact I wrote a long blog entry about that. But now they are just goofy. Their home page says "RESOLUTIONARY, the New IPAD". Ok....whatever. 
So they really are calling it The New Ipad. Ok....whatever. 
Why didn't they call it what is it. The New Ipad 2. 
So what do they call the next one that comes out in 3 weeks or so. 
ALITTLEMORE-SOLUTIONARY, "The New Ipad S"? Or The Brand Spanking New Ipad? The newer Ipad? 

I am looking forward to the iPhone 5... er I mean the New iPhone launch to see what it has to offer beyond Siri 2, or should I say the New Siri. 

Poor Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave already. I am afraid this company has already lost its lustre in such a short time. It really is amazing how one man can make that much difference.

NOTE: I am of course fully expecting on March 19th or whatever the date is, that they brand it the IPAD 3 or Ipad Steroid or IPAD GT or some other name and claim that was their plan all along. Either way its all a very goofy marketing campaign from a marketing oriented company which is what they have become.