Monday, June 7, 2010

My Bad

I am going to preface this blog entry, with the fact that I am sure you literary types out there will point out that my grammar is terrible, I cannot form a basic sentence structure and that I am completely illiterate. Nevertheless, this is my blog and I am allowed to rant any way I want.

Uhhmm, this word contains two words!!

Why do so many people make this same mistake? Speeell cheker is everyvare you kno?

My Bad
My bad what? My bad breath? My bad ability to finish a sentence?

How many times does the pilot explain over the P/A system the following?: "Do not worry. We have found out why the wing fell off during our most recent  landing attempt and we have fixed it. Now we are good to go and we will be taking off momentarily".   I don't know about you, but I cry like a baby and beg for mercy every time I hear that!

Momentarily means that some activity will take place for an instant or moment. It does not mean that an activity will happen in a moment.

I Could Care Less
This one just plain burns me up.

How many people say this when they really mean, I couldn't care less? If you could care less, that means that you care more than your lowest possible level of caring. So if don't care is measured numerically by 0, then if you could care less, your level of caring right now is higher than 0. Than means you do care somewhat.

There are scholars out there who even try to argue that it is OK to say "I could care less" in this context.  for example. By the way I agree wholeheartedly with William and Mary Morris.

Sorry Michael Quinion, "I could care less" used in the context described is not correct. Capital P, small E, small R, small I, small O and small D as Denis Leary would say.

rofl, lol, lmao, afaik
Ok these speak for themselves.  The most remarkable one that I have seen is LQTM. That means "laughing quietly to myself". I am trying to figure out when this could be used when I am text messaging. Oh I know.
"Wow that's a really funny one. But guess what? I am at a teaching hospital and I am watching a live demonstration of open heart surgery right now, so I am LQTM"

Actually there is one that I really like and would love to use if the situation presents itself. It is FUBAR. That has a great ring to it doesn't it? It means, "fouled up beyond any recognition". 

"Gordon Brown's political career is FUBAR".   I love it.

It was literally raining Cats and Dogs. I was literally going a 1000 miles an hour
No, it was figuratively raining "cats and dogs". Otherwise there would be a whole lot of dead cats and dogs on top of you and all around you, if you even  lived to witness them.

If you were literally going a 1000 miles an hour, again chances are that you would already be dead, so this discussion would be moot. Oh or is it mute? Check out the real definition of the word moot and then it really does appear that mute may in fact be more logical. 

Ok I will stop now. My Bad. Who am I to talk? I am just AICG. But then again I could care less what you think.

PS. AICG (An Illiterate Computer Geek).