Sunday, July 1, 2012

The hottest device in the market today, may also be the most overrated

I am of course talking about the 10 inch tablet device like the iPad.
The Macbook air is so much better for the business user than the iPad. Similarly the Surface may also turn out to be better for the this type of user. I see so many people even in our boardroom propping up their tablets like a laptop but then have to put the tablet down flat to type. I suppose the MS Surface would make life better in that regard. I doubt though that it will give me as a business user and developer what the brilliant and underestimated value a Macbook air can give me. But what about if I just want to sit up in bed and browse away using a nice touch interface? Or if I just want to jot down some quick notes without have to fire up the small Macbook Air type laptop/netbook? Or what if I want to look at a quick video or take a quick snap? Wouldn't the tablet be perfect for that? For me an Android phone with the bigger display (including the Galaxy note) completely negates the need to have a the traditional tablet at all. And I can also still store this device in my pocket and make phone calls on it.